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2020 Annual Report

Dan Walters


Golden Gate Area Council, BSA

Paul Shimotake

Council Commissioner,

Golden Gate Area Council, BSA

John Fenoglio

Scout Executive/CEO

Golden Gate Area Council, BSA

2020 was a year of celebration, sorrow, and challenge for the Golden Gate Area Council. On June 1, three great Councils came together to strengthen Bay Area Scouting with over 20,000 youth including girls and young women in each of our programs. A true highlight was our welcoming of the first ever class of female Eagle Scouts!

The GGAC formation was delayed due to legal complications from the Shelter-Orders related to the novel coronavirus. It led to the difficult decision to cancel all summer resident and day camps, depriving our youth of challenging outdoor adventures, and significantly reducing council revenue to maintain our camps. Our amazing staff partnered with over 6,000 adult volunteers to create innovative programming to deliver the promise of Scouting to the young people in our Packs, Troops, Crews, Posts and Ships.

Last year also saw the BSA National Council file for bankruptcy protection. It is critical to note that the Golden Gate Area Council is NOT in bankruptcy. We have a strong balance sheet with significant net assets. We will keep you appraised of any direct impacts on GGAC through our eNews.

The revenue reduction caused the GGAC board to take assertive action and slashed operating costs throughout the new organization while using capital gifts to enhance camp infrastructure. The merger also created excess administrative office space, as a result we plan to sell our Pleasant Hill and San Leandro offices in 2021, in 2021 and create smaller Scout Trading Posts/Service Desks in more convenient areas.

As we enter 2021, there are are many reasons to be excited! The council operates 5 unique camp facilities encompassing over 3,300 acres, we are seeing tremendous contributions to our program by expanding Family Scouting, and we have seen the formation of the Yerba Buena OA Lodge under amazing youth leadership. Most importantly, we will continue to make a positive difference in the lives of young people as they use the Scouting program to develop Character, Citizenship, Personal Fitness, and Leadership.

The following report highlights 2020’s achievements.

We welcome you to join us on this Scouting journey!

Tom Weibert

Executive Vice President,

Golden Gate Area Council, BSA

Frank Starn

Council Treasurer

Golden Gate Area Council, BSA


On June 1, 2020 the Golden Gate Area Council was created. The council offers the Scouting experience to 14,680 young men and women.


Our 5 camps offer a variety of resident and day camp programs, from Cubs to High Adventure, with amazing and FUN opportunities for all.


Our Scouting programs are supported by 5,415 adult volunteers. Virtual program innovations were a highlight of 2020.

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Thank you to all who contributed so generously to this grand total

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Eagle Scouts


Scouts BSA Rank Advancements


Cub Scouts Rank Advancement


Merit Badges Earned

GGAC will recognize 24 Female Eagle Scouts in this inaugural class

Be The Change - Inaugural Female Eagle Scouts dinner flyer
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Community Service

Service Hours


Community Service Hours

Our Youth along with friends and families contributed 47,104 service hours to our local communities in 2020


Scouting for Food

This year we collected 55,000 lbs of food - enough to provide 247,732 meals to those in need!

Pie chart showing how GGAC was funded in 2020.  Direct Fundraising 34%, Camping/Activities 23%, Investments 19%, Special Events 13%, Popcorn 2%, Other Sources 9%
Pie Chart of 2021 GGAC Projected Funding: Camping/Activities 51%, Direct Fundraising 16%, Council Program Fee 9%, Special Events 9%, Investments 6%, Popcorn 5%, Other Sources 4%
Pie Chart of how GGAC invests in Youth: Program 84%, Administration 7%, Fundraising 9%


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Scouting for Food

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