Effective August 1, 2022

BSA Membership Fees

Council Program Fee

The CPF is designed to support the basic services that a unit receives from the council, (see “How We Invest in Youth” graph), the vast majority of the fee (85%) is intended to support program and activities. It is an anchor that allows the council to build on those services with additional income from fundraising streams, activity fees, popcorn sales, and endowment revenue. Exploring members are not currently required to pay the CPF.

The  GGAC Executive Board has determined that the 2023 fee will remain the same as 2022. The fee will be evaluated again by the Board before August 1, 2023. Fees are prorated based on the month that a Scout or volunteer registers.

Youth: $66

Adult: $42

Advantages of the Council Program Fee

  • Allows the council to maintain camping and activity fees at the lowest possible level for Scouts and their families.
  • Increases stability in family giving and allows the council to collect a single registration fee at a unit’s annual rechartering.
  • Improves field staff contact with units and districts by increasing their availability to provide direct support to units and districts.
  • Provides supplemental medical and accident insurance coverage as well as local liability insurance for all registered members.
  • Shifts council fundraising efforts and resources from being family focused to being community focused
  • Less necessity for camping & activity fees as a percentage of budget
  • Consistency of overall funding to ensure sustainability of program & district staffing
  • All families participate in funding a small part of local program support
  • Let us be clear, the Council Program Fee provides the means to ensure that no Scout will be left behind from the Scouting program in the GGAC due to financial constraints. There is an online application available below for unit leaders to apply for registration financial assistance for those Scouts who demonstrate a need.

GGAC Funding

The CPF is just one part of GGAC funding, supplying just 15% of the budget. Other sources cover 85%.

Funding sources pie chart
Funding sources pie chart

How to verify an out of Council Merit Badge Counselor.

First, try to connect the Scout and counselor in Scoutbook. If that is successful, the counselor is registered and qualified. If unsuccessful, go to the counselor’s home council and search for their Advancement Administrators. Most will have an email address for either the Council Advancement Committee or Professional Advisor. Send an email asking if the counselor has been registered and qualified for the merit badge(s) in question and the status of their Youth Protection Training. Ask California councils if the counselor has completed AB506 training and LiveScan. The unit leader’s “blue card” signature verifies their counselor credentials verification.


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