Welcome to Scouting

Welcome and congratulations on becoming a new leader in the Cub Scout program of the Boy Scouts of America. This page is designed to give you a basic introduction to Scouting leadership, and also provide you with some tools to help you “be prepared” to serve your pack. Thank you for playing such a big part in helping the leaders of tomorrow!

How can I become a New Leader?

  • Fill out the adult leader application. Click here to download the application. Be sure to sign the Disclosure/Authorization Form inside the application. Give your completed application to a leader of the pack. The pack leadership will need to get your application approved by its Chartering Partner.

  • Create a MyScouting account. Go to www.my.scouting.org and click on “create an account” to get started.

  • Take Youth Protection Training within My.Scouting. Click on the logo “Take Youth Protection Training” link on the homepage. You must take this training before you can be registered as an adult leader. Be sure to print a copy of your completion certificate and give it to the Cub Pack leader.

What Training Courses do I Need as a New Leader?

My Scouting/Training

Revisit www.my.scouting.org to complete all of your training requirements associated with your Scouting position. Below is a list of training that you may need to become a trained leader.

Basic Training for all Cub Leader Position

  1. Youth Protection Training is required for all leaders who have direct contact with youth. At all times, youth safety is the number one priority. At the same time, adults need to know the rules for keeping themselves safe, too. Comprehensive Youth Protection Training teaches all the do’s and don’ts of working with youth. 

  2. Leader Specific Training is based on the leader’s position. Cub Scout Leader Specific training has been developed for the following leadership positions: Tiger Cubs, Wolf Cubs, Bear Cubs, Webelos, Cubmaster, Pack Committee, Pack Trainer. Additionally, in order for a Cub Scout Pack to go camping; at least one adult going on the campout, must take Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO). BALOO is not available online, but only as a daylong group training that focuses on basic outdoor skills. A cost is involved for this training, and a meal is included. You will need to get a list of upcoming BALOO trainings from your District Training Chair.

All of the training above can be completed in a classroom setting or online at my.scouting.org. Training available throughout Golden Gate Area Council can be found here.


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