STEM Supernova Mentor Application

We have updated this page. The content remains the same but it no longer tracks exactly with the video narrative.

To be a STEM Supernova Mentor you must (a) be at least 21 years of age, (b) a qualified subject matter expert in a STEM field, (c) complete the following documentation, and (d) submit your application online.

  • BSA Adult Application form. Use Position Code ’52’ – STEM Supernova Mentor. This is a district position; a unit signature is not required. 
  • YPT certificate valid through Dec 31, 2023. Going forward, your YPT certificate must be valid for the duration of your MBC registration.
  • STEM Supernova Mentor formForm 514-017
  • AB 506 Training certificate
  • LiveScan – Confirmation of a LiveScan background check.

The Adult Application form is required even if you are already registered in some other volunteer role – Scoutmaster, Cubmaster, and so on. The Counil’s STEM committee reviews and approves all Supernova Mentor applications.

How to register

Watch the video for a step by step guide through the steps you need to  follow.  When you’re re ready, follow the link below to get started and upload your required documentation.

STEM Supernova Mentor renewal

In November 2022, you will receive a STEM Supernova Mentor renewal form to renew for the next 12 months. Your YPT needs to be valid through 12/31/2023, at least, or you will not be renewed. Make sure Council has your current email address and that you are not blocking or unsubscribing  from messages sent from Council’s mailing provider or Scoutbook.

Golden Gate Area Council would like to thank you for volunteering as a Stem Supernova Mentor and for sharing your time and talents with the scouts of our council. As a Mentor, you can teach skills and introduce concepts that may change the course of a boy or girl’s life. Many scouts have been guided to their chosen careers or discovered lifelong hobbies through the BSA Stem Nova program. This opportunity would not exist without adult volunteers giving of their knowledge and time selflessly to help shape the leaders of tomorrow. Thank you for your support.


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