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Wood Badge

Wood Badge is the premier training course for Scouting volunteers and professionals. It will help you better understand how all the Scouting programs tie together. It will provide you with  useful leadership tools to help enable our youth to have the best possible Scouting experience.

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Family Vacation Camp is a long weekend to hike, swim, enjoy nature, read a book, relax in the shade, or participate in many other exciting activities at a fraction of the cost of a hotel or resort vacation.

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Webelos Adventure Camp is our one and only opportunity for Cub Scouts to experience 4 full days of program in the great outdoors! Come to our beautiful redwood forest at Camp Royaneh to experience where Cub Scouts understand the importance of Scouting.

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Position specific training for Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters.

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Every Pack or Den overnight outdoor event must have at least one BALOO-trained adult.

Saturday, 9/28 | 8:00am to Sunday 9/29 | 2:00pm
at Camp Herms


This training will help you provide the best possible quality program for your youth!

This is a 3 day course occurring over two weekends. Day 1 is a classroom session in San Leandro. Days 2-3 are outdoors – including overnight camping –  at Rancho Los Mochos 

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Camping, Activities, Training & Resources

Camping, Activities, Training & Resources

Camping, Activities, Training & Resources

Camping, Activities, Training & Resources

Activities, Awards, Gatherings

Donations, Special Events, Endowments

Boating Safety Month – reinforce our dedication to safety in, on, & around water

How to verify an out of Council Merit Badge Counselor.

First, try to connect the Scout and counselor in Scoutbook. If that is successful, the counselor is registered and qualified. If unsuccessful, go to the counselor’s home council and search for their Advancement Administrators. Most will have an email address for either the Council Advancement Committee or Professional Advisor. Send an email asking if the counselor has been registered and qualified for the merit badge(s) in question and the status of their Youth Protection Training. Ask California councils if the counselor has completed AB506 training and LiveScan. The unit leader’s “blue card” signature verifies their counselor credentials verification.


Sea Scouts




Shooting Sport


Scouting for Food

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