International Scouting Committee

Scouting began in England in 1907, based on the ideas of founder Sir Robert S.S. Baden-Powell and his book Scouting for Boys. The book and program proved to have universal appeal for boys and quickly spread worldwide. The Scouting program spread around the world until it became what it is now—the largest voluntary youth movement in the world, with a membership of more than 40 million. A member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement, the Boy Scouts of America was incorporated on February 8, 1910, by W.D. Boyce.

Through the BSA’s International Department, American Scouts and international Scouts are provided a common resource of programs, funding, and training that increases and enhances their experience in the brotherhood of Scouting.

Mission Statement

Promote International Scouting and encourage collaboration among cultures worldwide.

What do we do?

  1. Support International Scouting through fundraising and donations to the World Friendship Fund
  2. Promote international Scouting events
  3. Bring international camp staff to our council camps for the summer

Join us for the monthly International Scouting Committee meeting.  Enjoy a great dinner and find out what is going on in the world with Scouting.  Held typically on the 4th Monday of the month at Cafe Europa in Moraga, but currently we are meeting monthly online.  For more info email Roy Adam.  Also, see our Calendar.

To post relevant news, updates or events on this page, contact webmaster.

Current Patch Campaign

Support Polish Scouting Organization (ZHP) during Ukraine Refugee Crisis

Every year we design and produce a patch to raise money for International Scouting.  This year we are contributing our profits to World Friendship Fund (WFF) and to help Scouting associations in Australia and other countries to strengthen and extend their Scouting programs after the devastating fires.  The patch is available for a suggested donation of $10 per patch.  The patch will be mailed to in 2-3 weeks.

Support Tongan Scouts Making a Difference after Volcano Eruption

Every year we design and produce a patch to raise money for International Scouting.  This year we are contributing our profits to World Friendship Fund (WFF) and to help Scouting associations in Australia and other countries to strengthen and extend their Scouting programs after the devastating fires.  The patch is available for a suggested donation of $10 per patch.  The patch will be mailed to in 2-3 weeks.

GGAC at Icelandic National Jamboree 2024

GGAC contingent this summer at magical Úlfljótsvatn, Iceland

12th – 19th of July 2024

The Icelandic National Jamboree – Landsmót skáta – at the enchanting Úlfljótsvatn
from July 12th to 19th, 2024. Scouts and guides from Iceland and around the world for an
unforgettable experience amidst the breathtaking Icelandic nature, under the midnight sun, and
embrace the true spirit of scouting and guiding.


Registration is closed

Jamboree-on-the-Air / Jamboree-on-the-Internet (JOTA/JOTI)

Jamboree-on-the-Air (JOTA) and Jamboree-on-the-Internet (JOTI) are annual events in which Scouts and Guides all over the world speak to each other by means of amateur (HAM) radio or via the Internet. Scouting experiences are exchanged and ideas are shared, via the radio waves. Each year about half-a-million Scouts and Guides “get together” over the airwaves for the annual JOTA.

Scouts will learn about amateur radio – what it is, how it works, types of equipment, and how to use it.  Scouts will have a chance to listen to and talk to other scouts and ham radio operators participating in Jamboree-on-the-Air.

For this event, we anticipate the availability chats and Zoom calls with International Scouts. 
For more information contact 
Dave Shaw.

Video introduction to JOTA-JOTI

Scouting Magazine article on JOTA-JOTI

JOTA/JOTI Date:    Saturday, October 19, 2024. 

Location: At Pacificon, San Ramon Marriott; 2600 Bishop Dr, San Ramon, CA

World Scouting Organization

Imagine if there were a global organization made up of 54 million young people, and each one of them was committed to making the world a better place through their actions and attitudes. It’s World Scouting, and it’s making a difference through 171 National Scout Organizations around the globe.

BSA International Department

The BSA International Department works to help Scouts and Leaders from the BSA to experience the bigger picture of Scouting and connect with it through our involvement in the World Organization of the Scout Movement. Learn More

Program Ideas for Bringing World Scouting to Units

Not every Scout can attend a World Jamboree, but every Scout can experience World Scouting in their home unit. This guide is intended to give unit leaders ideas on how to incorporate World Scouting experiences into their program, ranging from activities to do at a unit meeting, to international travel opportunities. Unit Guide

What Districts Can Do

Promote International Scouting during district Round Tables. Have GGAC International Committee representative present about world of opportunities available to the districts, troops and individual scouts.  To arrange International Committee visit to your district’s Round Table email Roy Adam.

International Scouting Events

Participating in International Scouting Events

There are 2 main ways that Scouts in the BSA can participate in Scouting events outside of the USA:
1. Join a BSA National Contingent to an upcoming World or International Region Sponsored Event outside of the USA.
2. Attend an International Scouting event that does not have a National Contingent with your Troop or Crew outside of the USA

Upcoming International Scouting Events with BSA Contingents

6th – 13th July 2024 – Register

The Pacific Jamboree, hosted by BC-Yukon Councils, is held every four years in British Columbia. Participation is open to all youth of Scout age who are registered members of Scouts Canada, L’Association des Scouts du Canada, and Scout Units from National Scout Organizations who are members of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM). Offer of Service (OOS) is open to Venturer Scouts, Rover Scouts, and Volunteers including former members who wish to participate.

12th – 19th of July 2024 – See above

27th July – 3rd August 2024 – Register

The Jamboree program will include a range of adventurous, creative and cultural activities as well as opportunities to meet new friends from around the world. In the evening the Jamboree comes alive with entertainment including a dance tent, live acts on stages, a cinema and food outlets.

30th of July – 8th  of August 2027

World Scout Jamboree is a worldwide youth camp held every four years with the aim of cultural exchange and building friendship. It is the world’s leading international youth event with more than 50,000 teenagers from 169 countries.

International Symposium

On December 11th, 2022 at Camp Herms Lodge:

  • Our GGAC IC Chair Roy Adam was hosting the event

  • Lou Paulson opened as the symposium’s Keynote Speaker

  • Mateusz Janik from Polish Scouting and Guiding Association (ZHP) presented on scouts helping ongoing Ukraine war refugee crisis – see ZHP for Ukraine. He also had an update on preparations for 26th World Jamboree in Poland in 2027. Follow the jamboree on Facebook. See Polish Scouting Association Facebook page and PDF.

  • Andy Lewis described current challenges for scouting in UK

  • Dave Shaw, Devin Sevilla and Rand Mahoney gave JOTA/JOTI update – more above

  • Deborah Gomez, Bahzad Izad and Dave Shaw reported on their visit to Swiss Jamboree – more below

  • Keith Blackey gave an update on challenges faced by scouting in Iraq and Afghanistan. RiP – you are missed. More info on Green Zone Council.

  • Djoko Adi Walujo presented on BP House Indonesia Museum – you can see video of BP House

Mateusz Janik - PL
Andy Lewis - UK
Andy Lewis - UK
Djoko Adi Walujo - ID

National Swiss Jamboree

  • The Swiss National Jamboree took place again for the first time in 14 years

  • From July 23rd to August 6th 2022

  • Goms in Valais welcomed 30,000 scouts for a week of fun and adventure

  • It was not a World Jamboree, yet it included contingents from US, UK, Austria, Czech republic and more

Past Patch Campaigns

See our entire list of sponsored international campaigns from 1995 to 2022

International Letter of Introduction

The International Letter of Introduction (ILI) is recognized by members of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) as the standard form of introduction of a Scout or leader when travelling internationally. The letter’s sole purpose is to establish the identity of the bearer, and to entitle him or her to be welcomed as a member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM). It conveys no special privileges, including any entitlement to hospitality.

See the ILI form.

Note: Please send the completed copy to your local council (MDSC) for approval and we will forward it to the BSA International Department.

International Scouter's Award

To encourage Scouters to broaden their involvement in Scouting through participation in world Scouting activities and to recognize those Scouters for their contributions to world Scouting.

See the award’s requirements

Interpreter Strip Award

To signify that a youth or adult member speaks a foreign language (one other than English)

How to verify an out of Council Merit Badge Counselor.

First, try to connect the Scout and counselor in Scoutbook. If that is successful, the counselor is registered and qualified. If unsuccessful, go to the counselor’s home council and search for their Advancement Administrators. Most will have an email address for either the Council Advancement Committee or Professional Advisor. Send an email asking if the counselor has been registered and qualified for the merit badge(s) in question and the status of their Youth Protection Training. Ask California councils if the counselor has completed AB506 training and LiveScan. The unit leader’s “blue card” signature verifies their counselor credentials verification.


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