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The purpose of the Golden Gate Area Council’s Venturing Officers’ Association (VOA) is to provide support and guidance to maintain and grow the council’s Venturing program. VOAs collaborate with other committees in providing training for Venturers and Advisors, programming for crews, and monthly or quarterly forums to bring together youth and Advisors.


A VOA consists of a team of officers (youth president, vice presidents for administration; program; communication; along with a secretary, treasurer, etc.), supported by an Advisor, and keeps the VOA organized. This forum provides a voice for youth to help strengthen the Venturing program. A VOA holds several meetings during the year and hosts a few events that help to bring the crews, districts, councils, or areas together. Each event may have a different goal: training, adventure, recognition, fun—or all of the above.


Council Venturing Officers’ Associations provide opportunities for adventure, leadership, personal growth, and service (ALPS). By doing so, they serve to model best practices in programming for local crews and to provide a program resource for Venturers and Advisors throughout the VOA’s Council.

Your 2021-2022 Council VOA Officers

GGAC Acting VOA President Vanessa C
Golden Gate Area Council VOA VP Program Luke Fewx
GGAC VOA VP Support Akira T


VOA Youth Committees


VOA Advisors/Adult Committees/Members-at-Large


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We want YOUR feedback

In the past years of our VOA, we have planned, promoted, and hosted numerous in-person events/activities to bring Crews in our council together.  However, that nowadays is more “easier said than done” and not really feasible at the moment.  As we plan some limited in-person events and more virtual events, we would like to hear your ideas and suggestions!

Please contact the VOA Advisor(s) down below to send us your feedback or click the Yellow Button near the top of the page.  Thank you! 

Contact Us

For more information on the VOA, if you are interested in joining, have any feedback to help improve our program, or have any inquiries about the Venturing program, please email the Council Venturing Volunteer Advisor and Staff Advisor:

Council VOA Volunteer Advisor – Patrick Jaime; [email protected]

Council VOA Staff Advisor – Elijah Gonzales; [email protected]


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