The Role of Recognition

Recognition has been a fundamental part of Scouting from its beginning.  Effective recognition is essential to effective unit service:

  • It provides clear definition of success: the attitude, skills, training and behaviors needed to perform effectively
  • It helps identify and recruit volunteers to serve as commissioners
  • It helps retain commissioners


In Scouting, only professional staff members and commissioners are eligible to be commissioned. Just as the wreath of service is a unique design element of their badges of office, commissioning is a unique opportunity for individuals in those positions to publicly commit to providing service in Scouting and to celebrate their commitment.

Commissioner Recognition

Commissioner recognition has three objectives:

  1. Establish recognition opportunities for all commissioners.
  2. Establish consistent requirements that incorporate the contemporary tools and techniques commissioners use.
  3. Provide easy access to information, including opportunities, requirements, progress records, certificates, and available recognition items.

There are three categories of commissioner awards and recognition:

  • Recognition of an individual’s commitment to serve.
  • Recognition of an individual’s development.
  • Recognition of an individual’s impact.

There are also three classifications of commissioner awards and recognition:

  • Recognition from an individual’s selection to serve.
  • Recognition from an individual’s application for an award.
  • Recognition from an individual’s nomination for an award.

Commissioner Awards and Recognitions

Badge of Office
This is an image of the Trained leader patch
Trained Leader Emblem
This is a general image of the Commissioner's position
Arrowhead Honor
This is an image of the Scouter's Key square knot patch
Commissioner's Key
Doctorate of Commissioner Science
Commissioner Award of Excellence
This is a general image of the Commissioner's position
Certificate of Commendation
Distinguished Commissioner Service


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