Youth Protection

New Youth Protection Measures in 2022

GGAC Scouting Family:

Youth protection is a core value of the Golden Gate Area Council. We are pleased to update you with the latest news on California law AB 506, which adds new layers of protection to our already robust BSA Youth Protection and Barriers to Abuse policies.

All youth service organizations (e.g. church groups and sports teams) are required to meet AB 506 standards as of January, 2022. The BSA already meets some requirements with our two deep leadership policy and by having a clear process for mandatory reporting of suspected child abuse incidents.

All California BSA councils are working together to implement these requirements consistently and in a timely fashion. Our youth members require the commitment of all adults involved in the Scouting program to keep them safe. Thank you for your dedication to this core value and for protecting our youth.

Please refer to the California Scouting site as needed to follow the steps outlined there for your training and background check. We will continue to update you on these requirements through special and regular GGAC eNews updates. Local information will continue to be available on this page. We appreciate your patience and assistance as we join all California Youth Service Organizations in improving youth protection.

Yours in Scouting

Dan Walters
Council President

Mike Hale
Scout Executive

Michael Allison
Council Commissioner

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